Sunday, January 8, 2012

S Nexian TVMax T908 TV Phone Specification

S Nexian TVMax T908 is a dual GSM phone TV segment targeting the latest TV phone. Learn More. Here are the specs and price S Nexian TVMax T908

TVMax T908 Series supports dual GSM network (900/1800 MHz) and dual-On that can be active simultaneously. Of course you already know the frequency prowess is not it?. The design is almost like the HP Nexian G733 TV Chat in common - both use a Qwerty keypad for typing SMS and email.

This phone is a GSM dual SIM card phones. In addition to its ability to deliver broadcast television on mobile phones, the latest S Nexian TVMax T908 has one more advantage of Google's One Touch Access. This feature does make the phone Nexian sufficiently taken into account.

Applications and Connections

Applications and Connections rely on features of Google, so automatically, we can access a variety of applications from Google directly on this phone. Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps and others already embedded in mobile phones. Not only that, with shortcut keys for Google applications that are under the QWERTY keyboard, access to a variety of applications can be very easy. Social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, Nexian Messenger is also already available. For connection, S Nexian TVMax rely T908 plus online WAP browser with GPRS and Bluetooth data. Too bad this phone is not using EDGE or 3G.

Design and Interface

As has been previously informed, S Nexian TVMax T908 has a view that is large enough to provide a total experience in watching TV. The screen is used to this new mobile phone Nexian by 2.8 inches. Size large enough for a candy bar phone design. Of course, in addition to accommodate a fairly large screen, this phone because it must accommodate large-sized QWERTY keypad which is also quite large. S Nexian TVMax latest T908 is equipped with a trackpad and some shortcut keys for access to various Google features like Gmail or Google Search.


For multimedia, mobile phone Nexian TVMax S T908 is equipped with audio / video player and FM radio. The camera used is a camera with enough resolution that is 2MP which is certainly good enough to just capture images and record video. Of course a mainstay of TV facilities. With the above features, price S Nexian TVMax T908 should not be too expensive.

Price S Nexian TVMax diumunkan T908 officially yet. However, if we look backward, Nexian phone prices are not too expensive and in accordance with the facilities provided. With features like a 2MP camera, GPRS connection, without WiFi and TFT screen, predictable price S Nexian TVMax T908 will not be too expensive. Indeed, this phone provides more features such as a Google product, but the feature is not a feature that can raise prices, beritu well as analog TV.

To the ranks of China's mobile phone, Nexian can indeed be quite productive. If we are looking for cheap cell phone, eating Nexian quite reliable. Some phone Nexian in terms of design is also quite interesting and not seen as an economical mobile phone. If we look for an analog TV mobile phone with a fairly wide, then S Nexian TVMax T908 may be an option.
Specifications S Nexian TVMax T908:
Network: Dualband GSM (900/1800 MHz) and Dual On
Screen: 2.8 inch, TFT Color
Data transfer: GPRS
Camera: 2.0 Megapixel camera, video recording
External Memory: microSD
Messaging: SMS, MMS
Connectivity: Bluetooth, data cable
Browser: WAP
Other Features: Polyphonic (MP3), Analog TV, MP3/MP4 player, FM radio, trackpad, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Nexian Messenger, Calendar, calculator, alarm, e-book reader, gaming
Battery: Lithium ion

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