Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to Solve Error 5200 Canon iP2770

Canon iP2770 printer is an economical printer is Canon's latest output from the vendor. Like his brothers before, Canon iP2770 printer is also not immune from error problems lately started to emerge and much discussed, especially in cyberspace.

One problem is the iP2770 printer error 5200 on the exit time will start the print process. And if the calculated amount of 8x blinkingnya orange 1x green. How do I fix this?

Indications iP2770 error 5200:

At the iP2770 printer is turned on, this printer will initialize berkedipnya marked with green LED lights up green led is full. It looks normal printer iP2770 with this green LED turn on. But at the time of the test print or print the document, the printer suddenly stops and error 5200 appears on the screen we are. And the printer will have a blinking green orange 1x 8x.

Cause iP2770 error 5200:

This printer cartridge for black type PG810 and CL811 cartridges for color. Apparently the second cartridge has a pressure sensor temperature. And if the pressure sensor detects the temperature of one cartridge turns out there is a problem, then the iP2770 printer will display an error message 5200. on the screen. And in fact that is often problematic is the color cartridge CL811.

How to Solve Error 5200 Canon iP2770:

First way:

This method is the easiest way, but spend a lot of money that is by replacing the iP2770 the color cartridge error 5200, then the problem was resolved.

Second way:

  1. IP2770 printer is turned off with an electric cord attached.
  2. Press the RESUME button and hold 2 seconds, then press the POWER button until the green LED flame.
  3. Then release the Resume button, but do not release the button POWER.
  4. POWER button while still depressed, press the Resume button 5 times. Led will flash alternately orange glow green with orange last.

IMPORTANT: not to mistakenly press RESUME 4 times only, because the printer will die completely, but it is temporary. If this happens, disconnect the USB cable and power cord. Let stand for 2-4 hours, then try your printer.

  1. Release both buttons simultaneously.
  2. Green LED will flash briefly and then going full flame.
  3. And the computer will detect new hardware, ignore it.
  4. Press the POWER button, then the printer will die.
  5. Press the POWER button again it will flame and iP2770 printers that had the error 5200 is ready for use again.

iP2770 how to resolve error 5200 that we described, is temporary until power is removed. So if the power disconnected then the iP2770 will be error 5200 again. And how to overcome that is repeat the above steps.

Good luck!

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