Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to Install Java Games on Android - Samsung Galaxy S2

Recently bought an Android phone, and confused how the hell how to install java games or applications on Android? Because every time you want to install an application or game java on Android like the Samsung or the Samsung S2 Galaxy Galaxy Y always appears an error description.

Unlike the Symbian operating system, the Android we can not install the Game or Java applications with JAD or JAR extensions. So if you want to download applications or games for Android, look for a special program for Android with extensions. GER

Suppose you want to look for Game Grand Theft Auto III for Android, so look for the game with WFA format (eg: Grand Theft Auto III for Android APK) is not a JAD or JAR, so it can later on Install Android on your HP. After you download the game in the WFA, then transfer it to the Android APK file, either using a Bluetooth connection or using a USB cable.

In the HP Android enter the Settings menu - Application Settings and tick mark on the Unknown Sources, so that we can install various applications or games of non-Market. Afterwards you install games or applications in the HP Android APK you.

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