Friday, January 13, 2012

Android Phone Code Reset | Hard Soft Reset

If you have a mobile phone operating system Android, there is a way reset by using the code in general.

Usually if you have cell phones then there are oddities here and there, then the easiest step is to upgrade software online if there upgritan, otherwise there is usually a soft reset and if still fussing again on a hard reset.

It's common knowledge even though we live only a minimal course on reset and reset it, and usually when I ask for forgiveness again been brought to the skilled technician alias to the nearest phone.
Here's how to reset the phone android:
1. Soft Reset.
* # * # 7780 # * # *

How to reset will erase the data as in asalanya and deleted the following:

  1. Account settings are stored in your phone.
  2. System and application data and settings.
  3. Applications that once downloaded.

Are not deleted are:

  1. Software defect.
  2. Applications built.
  3. The files on the memory card.

Once the code is entered, then there will be display a notification to click RESET. So there's still time to think whether to do a reset of this type or not.

2. Hard Reset.
* 2767 * 3855 #

How to reset will erase everything, like new again (formatted).
Which are deleted are:

  1. All files.
  2. All settings.
  3. The internal memory will also be deleted.

If the reset is done, then the firmware android phone will be reinstalled.
Once the code is entered, then there is no sign of notification anymore, so we can not undo the reset command except by disconnecting the battery hp.

It would be nice to think twice before running this reset.

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